Beggar Burger, in Time for Christmas

Christmas 2018 saw Beggar Burger as it hits the streets of Manila.


Beggar Burger got its name from the proponent of a share-this-Christmas activity Larry Ronquillo. Ronquillo is an Internet sensation who went viral as Beggar Runner a few years back.


When Beggar Runner plied the streets of Malate last December 23, he carried with him over a hundred burger sandwiches. The burgers were for children who frequent streets; some have already considered the streets their home.


And just like in his initial appearance as Beggar Runner, Ronquillo also experienced rejection from the very children he intended to hand the burgers over.


He said that the very first child he saw to whom he extended his hand with a burger did not accept the sandwich. ”Perhaps, it was because of the way I look,” he added.


“But a number of children recognized me as Beggar Runner and had no problem accepting the burgers I was handing to them,” he said. In fact, after a while the first child he approached returned to line for a burger and even requested one for his sibling.


Just like Santa Claus, Ronquillo also had helping hands in making the activity materialize. Ojet Tubato, Aphionymous Norly, Elma Vargas and Dhes Iree were all instrumental during the activity of this modern Santa with a twist.


Most of the burgers were acquired through the prize Ronquillo received when he joined the Costume Run during the Olongapo City Fiesta Run.

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