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Hello everyone!

With the news that reached me today, I feel so blessed and immensely humbled.

I saw an ads material for 2019 IronMan Bintan and it featured 5 athletes from all over the world. Three of them are males and 2 are females. Fortunately, I was one of the females.

There was also an article on best triathlon races where I was in 2 photo features.






The discipline that goes within the system of an athlete is rigid as this is dictated by the requirements of his sport; in my case it’s triathlon. I constantly renew the determination I needed to put in to undergo training so I can attain qualification to compete.

 I am inspired when I see triathletes undergo their training routines. It provides that little push to make me belong; I too had to undergo mine. There is also envy when I witness athletes qualify for big time races, but this is transformed immediately into yet another source of inspiration for me – in due time I too will qualify. 

In this sport, it is indeed true that the journey is as meaningful as the result. The experiences I had with IronMan are very rewarding; to qualify is already an achievement in itself and by itself.

To have been selected to be featured for the 2019 IronMan Bintan ads and in the 2018 Best Triathlon Races in Asia article makes my story leap to another dimension – inspired to inspire, if I may phrase it. I am humbled by my inclusion and I am definitely inspired to continue my triathlon and be a better version of myself.

Thank you Asia Tri and IronMan. As I am inspired, I hope that I too will be able to inspire.

 Be with me, always.

 I am Fit Faith.

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