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Undeniably running, biking and swimming are well-loved sports. Other than self-fulfilling rewards enthusiasts obtain from these sports, there is also the inspiration they impact on relatives, friends and the public every time they thread lanes for the love of self and the sports.


It is truly admirable to see athletes carry an added agenda into their sports. The same goes true to organizations with planned events with purposes that transcend beyond the realm of sports.


We have featured Fr. Jay Jacinto, the runner in him found a new, inspiring and effective opening in relaying the Gospel. His runs since then called for deeper and meaningful purpose. In our future Profile features, there will be more like him – athletes who elevate runs and races to higher levels.


It is not new to learn of runs and races advocating for sustainable environment for instance. There are those that advocate for heightened level of awareness on certain critical issues that presently beset humanity. There are those that identify beneficiaries for their events. Whatever the strategy might be, the organizers behind such events also elevate runs and races to a higher plane – way beyond the world of sports but is definitely founded on the rudiments of sports and the benefits participants attain from joining as prompted by the enjoyment in fulfilling set goals.


Our fun runs will definitely be greatly influenced by these. And Red Sports PH will transcribe noble efforts of people and of organizations in braving the extra mile.


Be with me, always.


I am Fit Faith.

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