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Heralded as the best during Red Sports PH’s Shake, Rattle and Run 2018, Larry Ronquillo was at it again – portraying characters in his runs, and winning.

Shake, Rattle and Run was Red Sports PH’s very first Halloween Fun Run. Runners were not only encouraged to be in their best form for the distance runs, they were also encouraged to be in their best costumes for the event while running. The fun run had a special contest for costumed-runners who registered for the contest before the runs.

It was not surprising to see Larry take the No. 1 spot of the podium when contest winners were announced. The entire crowd cheered in agreement; Larry definitely nailed it.

Joining fun runs in costume was not new to Larry. He has earned his rightful place in the world of sports as one who does his run in costume. Like other runners who love to be in costume, he also found delight in making participants and crowd cheerers flash smiles when they take a glance at him.

As he admits enjoyment in the fun of re-inventing himself through costumes during biking and running events, he is also hands down to the fact that dressing-up for a character poses a strain on the budget. But for the fun of it, he finds his own ways of making ends meet for those momentous straddles and runs along lanes.

And there’s no stopping Larry.

With his Halloween costume, for sure people wanted only a momentary recall of him and his run around CCP Complex; an extended memory recall would definitely bring nightmare for those who saw his stunt. It was a surreal characterization of a movie terror.

Without a costume, we see Larry instead of a characterization. As Larry the real person, biker and runner, he recalls the many characters he had portrayed while enjoying his hobbies. He started out by joining cosplays in mall events to characterization of a newsperson in an airsoft event, and eventually to lanes where he pedals his bike and does his runs.

He has don himself to be a gigolo and a surfer and to be Batman and Peter Pan.

Perhaps the iconic makeover he did to himself was to portray an outcast in an event where everyone was casted. He definitely was in full characterization as his look triggered alarm – he was not suppose to belong – exactly the way his costume declared. And so did everyone thought.

But when he showed his official race bib and his look did not emit a consequential smell, he was in for the event. He positioned himself at the starting line and at the sound of the gun, there went The Beggar Runner.

For the public who saw him, it was cool to see a beggar running with athletes, perhaps. With certainty though, people who were in that run found his style unique, and a wake-up call. They certainly uploaded selfies with the beggar who ran with them.

For Larry, he had something else in mind. And it worked. He wanted to know how he would be treated as clothed in his costume. He certainly had an exciting time running from guards and then rationalizing the entire thing. He also left us timeless lessons in taking care of our environment by showing to runners and organizers alike that their events can also be environment-friendly aside from being fun, active and healthy.

The Beggar Runner went viral. Larry became sensational. And for the lessons, at the very least can be surmised by its impact.

The track is still long for Larry; creativity leaps boundless - until your motion makes a character.

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