That Vantage Point

© Alan fabricante

Frustration as advantage instead of disadvantage is a clear cut vantage. And that is a point!

Allan Fabricante is a storyteller. He gets to choose the stories he tells through lenses. The lens is one powerful tool he uses to tell stories way beyond what the eyes can see and words can describe. It is a swift tool that captures moments transcendental of time.

The many pictures he has taken represent stories which inherent meanings stand unique from the rest. Travel, events and sports are subjects constantly depicted in his pictures. These are the themes he has for his stories.

His storytelling made him a traveler. It brought him to places. And just like any constructor, a focused eyes, a click-quick finger, and that zoom and focus are basic in his narration. They are all ready for the roaming subject waiting for that momentous capture.

Most of his travels are at his own expense. Most of the pictures he has taken are free of charge. Most of the stories he told are out of his passion. And, most of these things are enjoyable to him.

A good storyteller captures an audience. In the present times and with the social media around, this can be translated to likes or emoticons conveying approval. And if these symbols are not enough, a simple thank you rewards him.

A great storyteller captivates other storytellers to tell his stories. While his passion prompts Allan to capture pictures free of charge, the pictures he took transported him to destinations that pinpoint his exact location at par with the experts.

His pictures landed on the pages of magazines and broadsheets of international circulation. He made it twice on the cover of Trilife!




© Alan fabricante 




© Alan fabricante




© Alan fabricante


The photographer that Allan is has a few tips for the interested ones:

  1. Know the location of upcoming events so you can prepare appropriate gears.
  2. Arrive early on the day of an event. This will give you time to familiarize yourself with the place, communicate with organizers and determine your vantage point.
  3. Always bring protective gears against the sun and rain.
  4. Anticipate any possibilities during the event; safety is a must.

The Trilife cover photos are like full tri accomplishment; literally and figuratively.

Allan is a frustrated triathlete, admittedly. Although he joined marathons, the tri seemed to be an elusive opportunity for him.

The opportunities he misses in having a swim-bike-run event is compensated by covering the same events. Not only do his photos carry meanings and stories, they also reveal a part of the narrator. He is contented by just taking the role but is grateful because these opportunities brought him closer to many local and national triathletes; most of whom he had befriended. They continue to bring him inspiration and excitement on the sport. Hopefully though, it will be enough to bring him to tracks and lanes for the tri.

For the many stories he captures through his lenses, here is one photographer who has his own story to tell. Have a glimpse of his works and you will get to know him even more and the way he stands at that vantage point.

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