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Indeed, a man does not live by bread alone.

Fr. Jay Jacinto has found another source of strength other than the carbohydrates literally provided by breads. He has proven to himself that an active lifestyle provides limitless energy to see him through his vocation and do the tri.

Like a bread that we simply break and eat, or butter and toast, or garnish and slice, life is a gift that depicts its own epic. The many people whose hands made possible the production of bread are likened to people who decorate life with unbelievable vibrancy and purpose.

First, there were people whose focus, discipline and time management were admirable. These are the innate qualities of triathletes that burst forth not only during training and races, also during the times they live their ordinary lives at home and at work.

The ability to see these people is definitely a gift; to know them deeper than what the eyes can sense is a bountiful of blessings. And, it is more than enough to have a foot into that door and enter a new realm.

What started out abstractly, metamorphosed into concrete actions. The inspiration Fr. Jay got from triathletes transformed into a hobby until it is fully realized in an active healthy lifestyle through triathlon.

Today, the Archdiocese of Caceres has an advocate for active healthy lifestyle not only along tracks and lanes but especially in campuses and parishes during vocation campaigns.

Before Fr. Jay enters a race and crosses a finish line, he is already a declared winner – somewhat of a survivor. It is theoretically not advisable to join a tri when one has not prepared for it. Conditioning the body, the mind and the spirit is essential for a safe entry and a fruitful finish.

His vocation bears responsibilities and vows that limit his training. By these, he characterizes himself to be a minimalist in terms of training; ensured with quality.  So, when the sight of Fr. Jay approaching the starting line seems tangible, that is also a definite sight of a winner; triumph over his circumstantial struggles.

A Tri Team 300 member, a certified finisher of local and international short and long-distance marathons and triathlons and an organizer of local triathlon are assurances that Fr. Jay will long be around in his chosen sports. What galvanize these assurances are the people whom he too hopes to inspire who in return also inspires him.

During vocation campaigns, a speaker (slash) priest (slash) triathlete, seems to be a come on for arrested attention. Other than the heavenly responsibilities and earthly tasks priesthood entails, Fr. Jay is able to present the other facets of his life. Triathlon is one cool inclusion in his life. His audience are left at awe in his sharing. It is that one other thing that is almost negated in the public’s mind - priests can also engage in healthy lifestyle activities within the confines of their vows.

Now, we have a priest energized by the active healthy lifestyle brought by triathlon to live his mission.

Experience tri with Fr. Jay and know more about the Bread who strengthens him.

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