Achieving Young

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While everyone else credits accomplishments to starting young, Ma. Unica Yzabel Bayarong had it another way – achieving young.

At a young age, Nica has already amassed enough shares of the fails and triumphs that sports offer. They molded her to be a fine athlete in her age group.

Barely 5 ft. in height, this little sports giant was last seen early this month when she joined the IronKids 2018 in Mactan, Cebu. It was an astounding finish when she placed 10th in her age category. This was truly an accomplishment for an IronKids novice.

We could catch a glimpse of this giant when she hurdles tracks and lanes in Baguio City for the 2018 Batang Pinoy Triathlon Finals next month.

But before that event, Nica is at the helm of her schedules – navigating between top priorities school and sports training and events offer.

It was in school events that she showcased her athletic prowess. She started with swimming at the age of 9 and went on competing. It was not an all-win effort in her attempts but competitions fired her up until that much coveted Most Valuable Player for her age group in an event in Pampanga was achieved.

And while swimming is a definite water sport, it also required land training to build muscles and stamina. It was this fact that ushered her in to the sport of running.

It was a disaster when she hit off the road for her first fun run. Coming in late at the starting line was a big dismay and emotionally crushing. It was a down start, especially when she saw the other participants running way ahead of the designated track. Heavy tears poured but naturally evaporated as she did her run.

It was not at all a bad first time; she was last to run but was not last to finish.  After this experience, the second time was a definitive conquer event for her.

Having enrolled in a public school, like all other athletes in her school, Nica aspires of competing in the Central Luzon Regional Athletic Association (CLRAA) Meet. The way to the meet are event qualifiers at the city level.  She finished her events like a true conqueror with championship medals.


©Alaska Ironkids Philippines


She is now a certified aquathlon finisher after her 2017 debut in the sport.

Her public elementary school years are over. She left the public school system with highest honors and with hard-to-match sports records. Underneath these records is one unbeatable system of people and of program that propelled Nica to her current conviction of improving self and giving a little more push towards her goals.

She is now in High School and in a new playing field. The discipline she had back then carries on. Training after school every day became endemic and fun. She is surrounded by friends who also share her passion.  

The imprints she made in CLRAA would surely be equaled if not surpassed in succeeding events. Only she holds the determination to hit goals and achieve young.


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