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Definitely it’s Kuya Kim!


Kim Atienza is nothing but one inspiring spirit in running events. The runs he makes dash with repeated attempts of revitalizing life for self, family and the people who look up to him.

I was once hand-picked to play that famous electric guitar in one show opening of the It’s Showtime episodes. It was a head-banging experience for me in which of course I added a little touch of finesse. But, I never had the chance to meet him that day.

When his health condition crippled his daily routines, a lot of people missed seeing him co-hosting the show. When he recovered, however, more and more people saw him – not only in the show more so along tracks for his training and marathon runs – around the country and abroad.

In one of those runs, I chanced upon him. We both joined the AMCHAM run. He was fit and lean – and high-spirited despite our strength-draining run.

Little did I know that our casual hi and hello will turn out to be a very productive transfer of knowledge, and sharing of insights and of experience on running - courtesy of his generosity. He raised a lot of points when we spoke. He became an instant on-the-track coach and I was all ears on all of his advises.

There is nowhere to go but towards improvement after I took his advice about my pacing during runs. True enough, after heeding his advises personal bests were always achieved in all my succeeding runs.

The last time I shared a track with him was when we both joined the Milo event last July.

Our Kuya Kim not only lives in television, he is also much around along tracks that sustain good health for himself and undeniably, a sight of inspiration when we see him run.

This is one man who truly is a source of inspiration for people who needed that one final push to live a healthy lifestyle and a source of valuable sports advises – especially to a sports enthusiast like me.

Run if you must to get to know him and capture that vibe of inspiration.

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