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Fun runs are events with people from practically all walks of life join. I guess this type of run does not put prejudice into anyone – not even to those who cannot run – but would like to join and make fun run a fun walk or one momentous stroll or a glorious witnessing in full battle gear (singlet and bottled-water). This is precisely the reason why there are fun runs for PWDs (Persons with Disability) or for their cause.

Runs are usually distanced from 1 Km to 10 Km; the Run 4 ur Life way. In between are 3 Km and 5 Km marks. These four categories stand as options for runners to hurdle during events; and selection process begins during registration; and perhaps after that much thought-provoking decision whether to run the extra mile this time around.

The fun in these runs is embedded in all the aspects of the run. Preparatory are the days spent with little stretches, and warm ups, and runs, with cool downs. Then it finally begins the moment self was forced to take that early sleep for the much anticipated event that is to take place in a few hours.

Singlet, race bib, loot bag, finisher shirt and medal, all have their distinct roles in the fun. These are mirrored in the many selfies and groupies that transpired even way before the event. Social media accounts proliferate with photos of people in their singlet going to events. Their use of flash indicate that these transpired in wee hours long before the sun is set to rise.

The essence really, is the people who made you company in these runs made it fun. Don’t count yourself out, you made it fun for everyone.

Now, to savor that fun in the run, begin with REGISTRATION!

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