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As a triathlete, I go where the races are. Travel has become integral in my career. It is one exciting inevitable circumstance that is very much welcomed.

Hopping to where events are scheduled also means that I need to bring all my gears with me – especially my Felt Race Bike.

And for a traveller, mindful of all belongings while on the road, baggage can become worrisome if not packed for the road trip. Are they still intact, will they survive the bumps and humps, will dirt have its way through them, are concerns that hamper the enjoyment travel brings. And, travel becomes a necessary burden.





Fortunately, I have a new companion that eased all my worries and made travel a breeze in my schedule – my Expedition Bike Bag.

My Expedition Bike Bag takes good care of my Felt Race Bike during travels. It compacts one sizeable equipment into a literally easy to carry item. And while inside the bag, my bike stays secured and free from dirt and harm of scratches. It keeps the bag almost race-ready after every travel.

Expedition Bike Bags are made from durable materials exclusively crafted for every single Expedition Bag. And the good thing about these dependable bags is the price; their worth exceeds pricing especially to a constantly travelling athlete like me.

Now, I enjoy my travels more because of these dependable companions. They make my travels worthwhile journeys - Make yours too!


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