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 If it’s fun run you’ll join and you are vying for a podium position, it’s Argel you’ll face! Just hope that you are ready for that photo-finish stretch for the number one spot.

 At 30, Argel Mendoza has been seasoned by race experiences and by life’s unexpected, never-ending and constantly challenging terrain. This age credits seven (7) years of running balanced with professional life and personal life.


Argel was not born a runner. In fact, how he spent his past time and even his work bring sedentary as the right descriptive word. Online games during past times and encoding during work times do not really picture an active and energetic Argel.


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It was at his friends’ invitation for Argel to join them jogging that he got to initially have a taste of the fulfillment brought by running. Unfortunately, for the next rounds, his friends were no longer available. However, the roads he tracked were lined with running enthusiasts just like him; they provided good company.


The friends who enticed him to jog, he now brags of them as angels. Incidentally, they were altar boys at that time. He thinks of them as such because they introduced him to a sport that he will fall so deeply in love with and they made a way for him to let go of vices.


His new found sports also brought him new found friends; a seemingly balanced equation. It seemed like a horizon expansion that presented a lot of people sharing his passion continually. This made Argel realize that indeed he is on the right track.


New acquaintances brought friends - with new ideas - of different perspectives, and these definitely translated into learning inputs and maturity points for the neophyte Argel.


Dream. Adrenalin rush. Sweat. Catch breath.  Repeat.


©AJ Mendoza 


By this time, the first jog was far different from how Argel executes his runs. The idea of having proper attire exists; it wasn’t there before. Training surfaced as essential; it wasn’t before. In fact, through the very first monetary reward he acquired from running, he gifted himself with a watch - a branded one. This is one piece he deemed essential for his training as he sees himself running stretches in the days to come. This registered to be a clear goal; no doubt. It fueled training days and sustained the passion.


Well, at least for a few good number of months.


Heartbreaks really have a thing in making earth revolve and rotate on its axis; most probably otherwise. It had the same effect on Argel’s running. This thing called love is really spellbinding that the goals targeted when love finally took a toll crushed, instantly.


But wait.


The same heartbreak, the pain that goes with it, motivated Argel to get up on his feet, put on those shoes again and run. He did not allow self-pity to capsize him, much more his passion to do fun runs.


So much more is expected now. A stronger and more determined Argel is back to run races. He will constantly be reminded of how humble his running background was and of how magnificent the rewards are. His first branded sports watch will tell of these times.


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